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  • “I am a ‘home-grown’ nurse, meaning I started as a care assistant, and then an LPN, then an RN, and finally I obtained my MSN, CPN, RN. Professionally moving up at MCHS is not a difficult process, they are truly a Magnet Hospital which offers endless resources for structural empowerment through healthy and supportive relationships exemplified through our transformational leaders.”

    –Nancy, Registered Nurse

  • “I think Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is a great place to work because the employees care about each other and it feels like a family. It does not seem so much like work when you are surrounded by wonderful people that care about you. Also, our bosses understand that our personal lives are much more important than our jobs. They encourage employees to care for themselves before their work. I really feel this is a place that manages from the heart, puts people first and truly cares for the community.”

    –Lizbeth, Revenue Cycle Management

  • “I am especially impressed with MCHS this year for our benefits. With all the economic and legislative changes going on with healthcare in our country, MCHS sat down and though of what they can do to help employees be more aware of their health and make healthier decisions. So they took on a large health and wellness program. By participating in this program, our insurance premiums actually decreased! Most people you talk to right now are having increasing healthcare costs, especially with their annual premiums. I feel blessed to have such great healthcare coverage at an affordable price for me. Thanks MCHS!”

    –Rebecca, Rehabilitation Services

  • “I think Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a great place to work because we have great staff and a great environment at night. And because it's a joy to help heal someone, especially a child. Just to put a smile on their face is priceless! I enjoy what I do because I love children! What a blessing.”

    –Latoya, Pediatric ICU

  • “From the continuing medical education courses they offer to employees to the services they provide to our community, this company really goes above and beyond. I’m so happy to be a part of such a great company that provides for its community and staff.”

    –Anju, Occupational Therapist

  • “My story with Miami Children’s Health System started back in 1998 when I was a volunteer within the Child Life Department. Volunteering in the playroom and in the units exposed me to an atmosphere of what I like to call “child’s play”. I was able to see children being children. No matter how sick they were, they would play and share a smile. I was able to witness many members of the team facilitate the most professional care with a smile while offering children the opportunity to be children. Now 17 years later, I am back again, only now I am on that team contributing to children having an opportunity to understand, relate and cope with their hospitalization.”

    –Michele, Child Life Specialist

  • “I am proud to be an employee at Miami Children's Health System. I like the people I work with; we are all one big family. I like the opportunity for growth and all the training that is encouraged throughout the organization. I love the flexibility and resources that my job gives me. I am very grateful for all the new technology and up-to-date equipment that I work with on a daily basis to enable me to deliver excellent service. In my job, we have amazing customer service and I feel proud when I refer to my organization.”

    –Aileen, Global Health

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